I Have No Poker Face: 6/365

Whatever I’m feeling, it’s written all over my body, all over my face. There is just no hiding it.


4 thoughts on “I Have No Poker Face: 6/365”

    1. I’d guessed that from your posts, especially #36 Emotional. I wish I could say I was just the same! And I’d ask for advice, but I think it’s biochemical. And hereditary – my sister is the same way. Nervousness, concern, anger – even happiness – and red splotches bloom on our necks and cheeks. Lovely red splotches, among other tells.

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    1. I’m jealous of “just the opposite” people too! Oh how I wish I had that calm-cool-collected thing going on. I’m an introvert and private, and I miss the beautiful anonymity of living in NYC.


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