Saying Yes: 12/365

I’ve been saying yes more. Releasing my protective posture. Opening up. And, suddenly, everything is changing.


2 thoughts on “Saying Yes: 12/365”

  1. I just watched Shonda Rimes on Super Soul Sunday about her her Year of Yes – saying yes to everything she feared for one year…said it changed her life. I think some of my work is actually also saying no. Boundaries are important, too, for me.

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    1. I completely agree! It’s a balance between yes and no, and boundaries are so important. At this early stage of the daily writing project, I’d opened up and found myself saying yes to things almost unexpectedly. But as the process went on and I worked to carve out writing time and develop a schedule, I found myself saying no and setting boundaries. Initially the changes caused friction, until they settled into the rhythm of habit. I also struggled greatly with guilt (and sometimes still do), that recurring question: is it worth it? Is it worth these hours away from my family to write into the void? I feel like a time thief. The daily writing in this space has been a vital counterbalance. It keeps me in conversation, a relief from the void. It also shows progress, a grounding force on those days of doubt. And it allows me to tune out the noise around me and listen to myself, what’s in my head, what’s in my heart. The mind easily becomes dammed up by rumination; writing opens the dam into the free flow of thought. Thank you for bringing me back to this post and giving me the chance to reflect on all of this!

      I will check out Shonda Rhimes year of saying yes—what a brave experiment, to let life control the flow. I wonder, did she ever reach a boundary line, a point when she had to say no?


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