War and Peace: 36/365

In my early twenties, when I was living in Santa Fe, I read War and Peace cover to cover. For pleasure. I was so immersed in it, I began buying a smoky Russian tea and fixed it the same way they do in the book. There in the high desert in our adobe house, I would drink cups of Russian tea and read and read. I was so obsessed toward the end, I made up my mind to travel to Tolstoy’s grave to pay homage.

Kill Your TV: 35/365

Remember that whole “kill your TV” thing? Yeah, I’ve always been one of those people. Still am. But it kind of cracks me up now with everyone so addicted to iPhones they can barely look up long enough to even watch a television show. In the battle of the screens, TV’s lost all its power.

We do have a TV, but we killed our cable. Still somewhat meaningless because we’re able to stream shows on demand. And let’s get real, if it weren’t for my child’s love of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, I wouldn’t get anything written.

But I realized tonight, I watch almost no television. Like none. Except for Downton Abbey. And I’m a bit heartbroken it’s coming to a close. I will miss Maggie Smith so, so much.

Wanderlust: 34/365

Today I got that feeling. Driving, window down. Sunshine warming cool air whispering change of season. The New Basement Tapes playing “Nothing To It.” It comes up like an itch. I could just turn onto the highway and keep driving clear across the country.

I wonder… does anyone else know that feeling?

Process: 33/365

Has anyone watched Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued? I’ve been listening to the songs and watching clips, but finally sat down to watch the full documentary last night. In the summer of 1967 Bob Dylan disappears to a pink house … Continue reading

Forthcoming: 32/365


Do you hear that?


Not the temporary quiet of sleeping baby. Not the little old lady from Goodnight Moon whispering hush. I’m talking husband with toddler taking a day trip across state lines to visit grandparents quiet. Blue sky almost-spring sunshine fed cats asleep in windows quiet. Alone in the house for a good big stretch of day quiet.

Drink. That. In.

This has not happened since I’ve become a mother. A whole entire day alone. I couldn’t relinquish her to the world for the span of an entire day until today. I know how bonkers that sounds. But it’s the truth. It took so long for the miracle of her to arrive, my life’s sole mission became protectress. It was nothing I planned and everything I had to be.

Fast forward to this week. Plans keep changing. People keep canceling, new things pop up. It must be planetary or something. So it was partly by chance I carved out this day and tasked myself with an assignment that, in reviewing the criteria this morning, seems insurmountable. Daunting at best. For the final section of this thing, I have no relevant awards I can think of nor big publications to brag about. Nothing forthcoming in Glimmertrain or The Sun or Brain, Child.

I’m just forthcoming.

But I have this day, and I’m going for it.