Kill Your TV: 35/365

Remember that whole “kill your TV” thing? Yeah, I’ve always been one of those people. Still am. But it kind of cracks me up now with everyone so addicted to iPhones they can barely look up long enough to even watch a television show. In the battle of the screens, TV’s lost all its power.

We do have a TV, but we killed our cable. Still somewhat meaningless because we’re able to stream shows on demand. And let’s get real, if it weren’t for my child’s love of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, I wouldn’t get anything written.

But I realized tonight, I watch almost no television. Like none. Except for Downton Abbey. And I’m a bit heartbroken it’s coming to a close. I will miss Maggie Smith so, so much.


1 thought on “Kill Your TV: 35/365”

  1. Yes! I think about this sometimes. It almost seems like TV is more “slow living” compared to iphones etc. I’d love to hear more about your “Kill your TV” stance. One of my favorite books (so much more than its title implies) is Jerry Manders’ Four Arguments Against Television.

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