Exposure: 52/365

I am not a self-promoter.

Chris was featured in today’s paper, some of his photography and an interview about eagles. Very exciting!

In the interview, he also mentioned my blog. Suddenly I felt very exposed. I switched the blog’s setting to private.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have to courage to switch it back.



8 thoughts on “Exposure: 52/365”

  1. Congratulations to Chris! Is the story online? And have you already switched back to public? I found you just like always.

    It is scary writing these posts and putting them out there for all the world to see, but for a lot of reasons, I needed to say my truths out loud. Sometimes, as I pushed publish, my skin felt jabbed by a million needles. I had been quiet and private for far too long.

    This is your practice. I’m betting you know what you need. If today it’s courage, I’m sending it your way.

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    1. Cynthia, your words speak straight to my heart. “Sometimes, as I pushed publish, my skin felt jabbed by a million needles.” Yes, that exact feeling! And I almost wrote the question within this post: “But isn’t an essential aspect of this practice saying my truths out loud?”

      Chris, who happens to be very extroverted and not at all private, felt very frustrated with me when I told him I’d switched the setting to private. I told him I just didn’t feel ready. And then I recognized that feeling as a truth, a recurring roadblock in my life, not feeling ready. The writing is unpolished; daily posting doesn’t allow for much, if any, editing time. Not only is this me, it’s first-draft me. Then I tried to spruce up the layout a bit. I tried to feature one of the posts about the eagles so that visitors wouldn’t have to search, but I’m still figuring out the backend.

      At the end of the day, I found the courage to switch the setting back to public. Thank you for sending courage my way – I really needed it.

      Also, thank you for asking whether the newspaper article is online. It is, and I just updated the post with links. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful photos…totally relate to you private/public switch…love recognizing themes/blocks/occasions to break through…so many times it’s the moment of recognizing, naming…Wally (my eight-year-old) today said, “You never stand up for me.” And it’s just awful, but also often true. Just as I don’t for myself…it’s like he gets included in that. Thank you.

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    1. I see you as an activist, someone who always stands up for herself – so this comes as a surprise!

      I really had to dig for courage that night when I switched the setting back to public. I will also say that being in conversation with you and with Cynthia in this space is such a gift to me, it was my primary motivation for switching the setting back to public; our connection was far more important than my feelings of fear and self-consciousness. Thank you for that!!


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