Birds: 54/365

kookaburra-cleaned-up (1)

Lidia Yuknavitch says we have to look for what repeats in our work; this is how we find our metaphors.

In the tag cloud on my homepage, I watch the word “bird” becoming bigger and bigger as it’s used more frequently.

Chris now sets out for the eagles with his camera at first light.

As I’m folding laundry in Isabella’s room, it occurs to me that the three drawings hanging on her walls are of birds. I began a small series of pencil drawings during the time I was trying to get pregnant, as one year gave over to the next and it all felt so uncertain, so endless. Drawing felt meditative and grounding.

I’m not sure what all these birds mean, but it seems worth taking note.




4 thoughts on “Birds: 54/365”

  1. yes – worth taking note…I love the mindfulness that comes with your writing habit…I have found that too…love the questioning: what works? what doesn’t? the evaluation and analysis and then trying something new.

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    1. The mindfulness that comes with this daily practice is pretty powerful. I’ve been working on a list of changes that have evolved since I’ve begun the blog that I hope to post this week.

      And yes, I love questioning what works/what doesn’t, the analysis that comes with trying to figure out these themes and metaphors that recur.


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