Library: 57/365

The library is my new hangout, my evening writing desk. I leave after dinner and stay til the doors close at 8:30 pm.

My groovy hometown library, 1970’s architecture, pea green walls with brown and orange trim, triangular desks. The gallery wall where my sister and I had our drawings displayed in art contests when we were kids. The heat runs too hot and some of the big desks are wonky, but it is supremely quiet, and I’m surrounded by books. Just my pen, paper and me.


4 thoughts on “Library: 57/365”

  1. Is that the one near the marina? I love that place & it’s so great you are going there after dinner. Inspiring me to get back to a writing routine like that (not just “work” writing that is).

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    1. Yes, the one downtown near the marina. It hasn’t changed a bit.

      I’m loving the new routine. Not terribly efficient as I don’t have a laptop and am writing longhand, but it’s still more than I’d accomplish distracted at home!


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