New Shoes: 60/365

A while back I mentioned my old sneakers with the chewed-out heels, the ones I run in every day. Today I finally bought myself a new pair. And if I’m telling the whole truth, I bought a pair of flats too. Those couple of hours alone, blaring music in my car, slowly wandering the aisles of DSW, was more relaxing than a spa treatment. And I can’t wait to go running tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “New Shoes: 60/365”

  1. Hi Sarah! I didn’t realize you were doing a post a day (365). That’s ambitious, and challenging (at least it would be for me). I had to laugh when I read this post, about blaring the music in your car, because I do that too sometimes. 🙂

    I stopped by to visit again, to thank you for your comment on my Spring Card, and to answer your question: yes, sometimes I do print my art pieces (which are typically postcards). I use a regular printer, so they come out okay, but I’ve also thought about having some printed at Staples (or elsewhere), to get a higher quality print version.

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    1. Blaring music in the car and singing – one of my favorite things!

      Your postcards are beautiful, Anne. I could see them being sold as greeting cards. I used an art print company in Branford to have some of my pencil drawings printed a few years ago.

      Yes, my blog is a 365 project, and there are many days it feels challenging! But the daily practice keeps me tethered to my writing and to myself. I’m finding many small but significant things changing as I continue the process. I’m going to post an update this week with a list of changes.

      I’m also working on adding a page in the header about the eagles. They are actively building two nests and we’re curious to find out which will be the primary one. Chris also observed the female pulling out chest feathers. We were hoping this might signify a brood patch, but we think right now it’s just part of the nest-building process.

      Thanks for visiting again! 🙂


  2. It’s so funny – for the first time in I can’t remember how many years I went to DSW on Sunday…I wanted *something* slightly reasonable to be able to wear to the fundraiser auction at my son’s school that evening…it was sooooo relaxing wandering the aisles by myself. (Really, really miss music in the car – there’s no real car-less equivalent; train ride is nice, but there’s not the same solitude.)

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    1. I remember going to DSW in the city (Union Square?), the sea of shoes. Wandering aisles child-free is truly therapeutic.

      Forget singing in the car, Amie tells me you’re a singer and musician. Do you still perform? I must know more!


  3. hah! I don’t perform anymore ever..dimestore scenario was the name of my band..I think I left the website expire unfortunately…right now my main musical tasks are re-learning after 20-year absence to play classical piano & writing a musical with my 8-year-old…so nice of you to ask….

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    1. What a gift to have a musical mom! Classical piano and singing? Wow. I loved writing and directing plays as a kid; always had someone playing Casio keyboard accompaniment. I would’ve loved to collaborate on a musical with an adult. How amazing for you to create something together!


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