Holidays: 65/365

I wish I had a lovely photo of our Easter eggs colored with homemade beet and tumeric and cabbage dyes. Yes, I actually did that last year.

But we haven’t dyed any eggs, and it’s not looking like there will be time. I remembered to hard-boil a few this afternoon and then popped them in glasses with some old food-based dyes and vinegar. No child participation, just a big rush.

The lead-up to the holidays always feel like a scramble. In my defense, our holidays involve a minimum of two events but usually three, travel, and a good amount of baking. It will all come together. If only I could find a way to feel a less frantic…


2 thoughts on “Holidays: 65/365”

  1. I so relate to this – somewhat perfunctory tradition – popping a few hard-boiled eggs in…but I like to remember “The perfect is the enemy of the good”…we too have travel & multiple events for everything (first growing up half Jewish half Irish (background…) celebrated double the holidays…)…I’ve been taking it easy on myself a bit recently when I stop to consider that I have so much family nearby, and keep in touch with so many layers of first, second even third cousins…abundance…but it also means I’m always being pulled outward…

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    1. Double the holidays–that is a lot of celebrating! I need to complain less, embrace more when it comes to holidays, but I seem to inevitably feel overloaded. I love the way you state it, “abundance…but it also means I’m being pulled outward…” So true.


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