Another Thing About Holidays: 66/365

There was a popular article circulating on social media a few years ago, before I was a mom, called The Mom Stays in the Picture. I couldn’t relate to it back then, but it left a strong enough impression that it surfaced from memory this morning.

Somehow I am always behind the lens, never in front of it. The article is written from a postpartum perspective, and I can relate to dodging the camera during those puffy-faced, leaky-boob days.

Now I no longer dodge the camera, I just forget to include myself. In the swirl of distraction, I remember to take a few photos of my daughter with her grandparents and with her dad, but I always forget to ask someone to take a photo with me in it.

This year I will remember to get in front of the lens, maybe even before I snap the photos of everyone else.


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