Ebb and Flow: 72/365

There are so many days I don’t know what to write in this space. Or I feel like I’m saying the same thing again and again–or worse, that I’m not saying it well. Some days I feel like I’m circling the truth, never getting to the heart of it. It makes me edgy and nervous to hit publish when the energy isn’t there and it doesn’t feel like my voice is coming through.

I have drafts saved from days where the energy is bigger, truth waiting in the wings. But using something I wrote on a different day betrays the purpose of the project. I’m in one of those low-energy, voiceless slumps right now. Creativity ebbs and flows. This process is a daily reminder of the simple truth that the most important thing is just showing up. 


3 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow: 72/365”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST. God I feel like this so often. The low energy & anxiety & frustration and irritation. For some reason I feel an irrational anger on those days…anger at the idea that something is expected of me…someone’s asking something more from me…but also anger that so few people read what I wrote…it bothers me so much that at one time many friends did read my blog but now hardly anyone does. Contradictory feelings of irritation there, not all related necessarily to what you’re describing…yes to showing up though. yes yes yes

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    1. So true. I feel an irrational anger on those days too. And funny that you mention anger around so few people reading what you’ve written lately. The last few weeks I’d been feeling like I was writing into the void, invisible. Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts and feedback–it really means so much. I’m also so grateful you continue to maintain your blog despite the ebb and flow of site traffic. Your essays inspire and make me think, and of course, they are just so beautifully written.


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