Ghost: 80/365

I have seen a ghost.

Somewhere between Burlington, Vermont and Albany, New York on an unlit stretch of highway, a thin young man in shorts balancing a giant log on his shoulder was suddenly a hundred feet away, stepping in front of my car. I jerked the wheel hard, swerving to the left, almost hitting the median. My eyes went to the rearview mirror, but there was nothing there. I had three friends in the car and all of us saw the same man. Had he existed, the log he was carrying would’ve smashed the passenger side windshield.

Later that night, I was pulled over by a cop because my right headlight was out. It had been out for days. That headlight would’ve been the only thing illuminating the man on the highway.


4 thoughts on “Ghost: 80/365”

    1. It was a spooky experience. This was the summer of 1999, before the days of Google. Years later I did some research to see if there’d been an accident in the area, but nothing turned up. I still wonder about it sometimes…

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  1. Oh my God. It’s so weird that the only ghost I’ve ever seen was while driving, too. End of a cul-de-sac, woman dressed in 19th-century attire, near my 2nd-grade-teacher’s house. Gone when we turned around.

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    1. This is so crazy! I can’t believe you’ve seen a ghost and while driving too, and that it was gone when you turned around. That description, that single sentence is like an entire short story. Was anyone with you at the time?


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