Mud Season: 85/365

My mind is shrouded in fog tonight. Maybe it’s the pollen. April is challenging. Like trudging through mud. Mud season.


3 thoughts on “Mud Season: 85/365”

  1. Yes. The skies are bright and clear here this morning. I hope there too. I love the list you have on the side – the cloud is it called? Motherhood, Nature, The Writing Life, gratitude, Birds…

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    1. Yes, the skies were clear here today too. Regarding the slump noted in this post, I think in addition to pollen and the vague depression I feel every April, the hubs slipped me decaf. Today was much better, and fully caffeinated. And your words brightened my day.

      I enjoying watching the words in the tag cloud grow or diminish as the project goes on. I love that Motherhood and The Writing Life are approximately the same size. I used to think of them as vying with each other. Now I think of them as equal weights on the ends of a see-saw…which I suppose makes me the fulcrum, always trying to keep the balance.

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  2. That is so neat. I’m writing about Motherhood and the Imagination for my Master’s capstone. (Looking at 18th-century seduction novels where creativity & procreativity also seen as incompatible, but conversation was inverse of today’s — creative imagination made you unfit for motherhood. Today’s conversation seems dominated by the idea that motherhood makes you unfit for creativity. (There’s a focus on time/energy variable…but I think the chasm goes deeper than that…)


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