Sleepless: 92/365

As a child, I did not like to sleep. I woke every morning at 4:00 am (sometimes earlier). My parents made a rule that I was not allowed out of bed until 5:00 am. So every morning, I would lie wide awake, waiting, waiting, waiting. My sister would be sleeping peacefully in the bed next to mine. When at long last 5:00 am arrived, I would creep downstairs soundlessly in the dark and switch on the TV at lowest volume and watch Tom & Jerry. We were not allowed to watch cartoons, but at that hour no one was stopping me.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless: 92/365”

    1. I almost wonder if it was some sort of sleep disorder. So many torturous hours of waiting waiting waiting as a kid. I finally started to “sleep in” as a teenager, but only until 9:00 am or so. I wish I still enjoyed that 4:00 am wake up! 🙂


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