The Last Day of April

Saturday solo parenting. A birthday party at the science museum. Pizza, chocolate cake, kids running jumping climbing. No naps. Traffic. Killing time naming flowers in the yard: dandelion, lilac, violet. Later a 40th birthday party for one of my best friends. A backyard bash with a fire pit and a band. The yard looks out on the marsh, setting sun. I see so many old familiar faces, people I haven’t seen in years. The band is playing all the right songs, and there are moments I’m transported back to high school, college, my twenties. Singing and cake and cold night air and good conversation. April ends on a high note.

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4 thoughts on “The Last Day of April”

  1. Lovely. (Imagining the marsh, I can’t help but think immediately of the cottage on 3rd ave and that heart-breaking view of the river and the fields.)

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    1. The houses on 3rd that look out onto the field and the marsh beyond–what a view! I keep meaning to ask, did you take tennis lessons at LBA? Surely our childhood paths crossed during those summers.


  2. Oh yes very briefly I did! Maybe in 83 or so? Wow, that is so neat to think. Also we took a few swimming lessons. I remember the walk over the tennis courts – there was a path through blackberry bushes. The smell and feel of it comes back to me with such a strong, intoxicating force sometimes.

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    1. Yes! We must’ve taken swimming lessons together too. I later taught swimming at the beach one summer during college, and ran the casino two summers after that. And I remember picking blackberries. I love that we share some of the same childhood memories. šŸ™‚


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