There were a couple years during college I thought I was Stevie Nicks. Everyone goes through that phase, right? (Post 133 of 365)

A Different Way

When I’m driven to accomplish something, I tend to be self-punishing. Working hard and being hard on myself seem to be inseparable. Last night, a dear friend told me to look at all the goodness around me, reminded me that perhaps I can be gentle with myself and continue to move forward.

(Post 132 of 365)

My Angel Girl

Three parties in two days. Feeling exhausted and grateful. Something I love: the way my toddler surprises me every day with her sensitivity and language. Today, as I was trying to install her car seat, she coached me through it. … Continue reading

Blue Sky Day

I wanted to write about the blue sky morning, the salty air breathing in and out of the windows. Perfect summer weather for Chris’s birthday. I wanted to write about his generous heart, his goodness, the way he is steady … Continue reading

On Finishing

When I was at art school in France (a million years ago), I returned to my limestone studio cave one afternoon to find that my small painting of pink wildflowers and green leaves, loosely rendered, had a torn piece of … Continue reading

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Beach Day

The truth is grey May retriggered my seasonal depression just as it was finally  beginning to lift. I like to pretend it isn’t real, that I’m impervious to weather, even as I struggle for speed on the treadmill, words on … Continue reading