Out Loud

Reading my work out loud is becoming more comfortable (or less uncomfortable). It’s all about getting past that space where the first breath meets the first word.

Writing in this space feels more comfortable too. Sometimes there’s still that prickly feeling when I post something more vulnerable, when I’m up for telling a bigger truth. But it doesn’t last. In less than twenty-four hours my focus shifts to the new day’s truth. Days fly. I’m watching them add up. I’m feeling all the shifts and changes. I’m growing accustomed to living my life out loud.

(Post 113 of 365)



2 thoughts on “Out Loud”

  1. I look so forward to your daily posts. I would love to hear more about your writing projects, processes and how you deal with rejection.

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    1. Thank you for these kind words, Susan! They served as inspiration for yesterday’s post, where I talked about my process with my current essay–rather messy! Sometimes I use music to break through a block and find my way back inside a piece of writing. With this essay, I also made lists of significant moments/stories and their chronology, though I ultimately didn’t follow that pattern. It feels as if I’m trying to shape something that has a mind of its own. I have other nonfiction essays in progress, but my goal right now is to finish this particular essay by the end of the month. As for rejection, I will have to update you on that once I start sending these out into the world. 🙂


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