Take the Joy

These May days are going fast, despite the moody weather. I’ve been distracted and can’t always get a handle on how best to spend my energy. I worry about all the loose ends. And sometimes I need reminding that there is nothing more important than seizing the joyful moments.

“Sometimes there’s a brightness and a richness in the moment, a ripeness that simply says, taste this, and calls us to partake without fear or any thought of punishment. It is the fruit of our experience, and in its heart it bears the seed of all our hopes. Take the joy, take all it gives. Life is sweet, and it is ours, as is our right to love and relish every moment.”

Call the Midwife 

(Post 119 of 365)


1 thought on “Take the Joy”

  1. Thank you. It’s amazing how many things in this short post I relate to. Moody weather is perfect description. It’s adding this level of uncertainty to things that I find unsettling. I haven’t been channeling my energy effectively…and worry, too, about loose ends. It’s so encouraging, though, how you do take and appreciate the joy. Oh btw, this post and your comment on my Crossing Trestles post made me think of the book by Jennifer Senior: All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood

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