Beach Day

The truth is grey May retriggered my seasonal depression just as it was finally  beginning to lift. I like to pretend it isn’t real, that I’m impervious to weather, even as I struggle for speed on the treadmill, words on the page, patience with my family. May was a real sucker punch.

So I made sure to seize this sunny day. We lathered on sunscreen, put on our bathing suits, gathered the bucket of toys, dug our feet into the warm sand, and made it the first official beach day.

(Post 125 of 365)


4 thoughts on “Beach Day”

  1. The warm sand and water can be so healing. It has rained for almost a month straight. Too much grey does darken the spirit. I’m trying hard to focus on the green that continues to grow. Thinking of you xoxo

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    1. So true, Kath. Sand and water, and also digging in the dirt. Grounding. Pulls me out of my head and into my body. And the green–rainforest green, Ireland green–is heartening.


  2. I found the gray so hard this year…the cold gray…(funny you mention Ireland green–I am thinking of The Cranberries’ song “Does it have to be so cold in Ireland?”

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