I’m afraid yesterday’s post sounded like a low-grade rant. It’s also one of those posts that prompts me to ask, what’s the one true thing happening here? Sometimes I come at it backwards. Rather than deciding on one true thing, I fill up the page and then challenge myself to find the small truth hidden there. Yesterday’s truth was: I took an action. Normally I would have passed by, wishing I could do something. Yesterday I actually did something.

Here’s something else I did this week: I signed up for my first writers conference. I’ve been keeping my eye on the conference scene and knew I wanted to attend October 2016 BinderCon in NYC, but I hadn’t expected the tickets to go on sale so early. It took me almost no time to consider it. I clicked the link and bought my first ticket to a professional development conference for writers. Panels, workshops, community, networking. I keep searching myself for my trademark anxiety and fear, but the only emotion I can locate is pure excitement. I can’t wait to attend this conference!

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