Birthday Vibes


It keeps coming up: what do you want to do for your 40th birthday? 

Nothing, I said.

Eh, maybe kayaking, I said. Maybe lobsters.

Something quiet, I said.

I have not been able to muster any enthusiasm for the big 4-0. Until yesterday when this birthday card arrived in the mail for Chris. I stared at the cartoon for a while, smiling. Yes, I thought, this is what I want my birthday to feel like.

(Post 135 of 365)


2 thoughts on “Birthday Vibes”

  1. Felt the same. Kept it very small and low key. Followed through on plan from when we were kids from two closest friends from childhood – had Chinese food, went to Broadway show & met Jane Krakowski outside (holding a picture of me meeting Jane Krakowski from 1987). Drank cocktails. Totally relate to your post.

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    1. I saw that picture on Twitter-it’s amazing! Was your meeting in 1987 by chance? I’d had no idea it was taken on your birthday. Happy belated 40th!!


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