Unconscious Obsessions

From Robin Black’s Crash Course:

“It’s a blessing really that we are capable of being obtuse about what we reveal. Remove the unintended obsessional layer from anyone’s work, and you almost certainly remove the layer that produces urgency. Read work that lacks urgency, and you will often discover a piece that was over-wrought, pre-planned, written to fit a formula or an idea, a piece in which the unconscious obsessions of the author have had no room to thrive. A piece, perhaps, in which the author has too successfully protected herself from exposing herself.”

(Post 136 of 365)


5 thoughts on “Unconscious Obsessions”

        1. Life Drawing is next on my list! I’d ordered Crash Course, and my local library had a copy of If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This. I only just discovered Robin within the last month or so, but somehow I can’t remember how she initially came into my orbit. Maybe someone had posted one of her essays on Twitter…? She caught my ear right away. Such beautiful writing, such an authentic voice. I looked for more of her essays online and visited her website, then began reading her books.

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