The Art of Conception 

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I’m not a numbers person. I’ve always been more of a guesstimator. But this 365 project, counting each day as it passes, continually pulls my attention to numbers. 115 days ago, just over a month into this project and the birth of this blog, I wrote Forthcoming, one of my favorite posts. It captures a lot in just a few words: my first steps toward carving out writing time, my resistance to relinquishing my daughter to the world, and my desire to be published. In the post, I mention three of my favorite literary publications, Glimmertrain, The Sun, and Brain, Child. A sort of invocation.

Today I have an essay up at Brain, Child called The Art of Conception.


(Post 148 of 365)



15 thoughts on “The Art of Conception ”

    1. Thank you, Kath! I didn’t anticipate the feeling of overwhelm after publishing something so personal. These words mean a lot to me. xo


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