Time races downhill toward summer, tumbles in the tall grass out to the garden where the tomato plants need watering. At the beach sandbars stretch under a blue sky. Toddler feet splash through tide pools. Hermit crabs tickle then shy into their shells. Walking the barnacled rock jetty with papa, she shouts, “Look at me!”

Later we take outdoor showers. Barbecue on the patio and celebrate Father’s Day. My sister surprises me with sunflowers. We eat banana cream pie. And the day spirals away into the salt air, and I catch these few words in the dark while I nurse my baby to sleep.

(Post 151 of 365)


4 thoughts on “Saturday ”

    1. Oh thank you, Kelly! And thank you for drawing me back to this piece… some things feel the same, and some so different. Yesterday I put a note in my bullet journal to finally start combing through my archives to see if there’s anything worth pulling or developing. Your note here is giving me extra motivation! xo


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