Looking Back

Tonight, on the eve of my 40th birthday, I can’t quite believe I’ve arrived here at midlife. I survey the past from atop a high mesa, hand to forehead shielding the sun from my eyes. All that changing landscape. Some rough terrain and some forgiving. Places I thought I might not survive, places I wanted to stay forever. I squint into the distance, unable to make out the horizon. The vista is not unblemished, but mostly exquisite in its beauty. Gratitude fills me up. And I feel those 40 years.

(Post 155 of 365)


6 thoughts on “Looking Back”

  1. I didn’t realize we were that close in age, too! We really must have overlapped at the beach or tennis court once, many years ago, somewhere off in that vista, “exquisite in its beauty.” Happy eve (I’ve always tried to mark those, too, but didn’t this time) and thank you for letting me pause with you to survey that varied terrain we’ve already covered.

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