A Light So Bright

Yesterday afternoon I pulled into the driveway to find my best friend lying on the wicker couch on my front porch. I’d gotten a text from her, “You have the best front porch ever!” And I’d written back, “Stay! I’ll be there in 2 seconds!”

I raced home, afraid I would miss her, but of course, there she was, completely relaxed and waiting for us.

She’s in town from Santa Fe, and I’ve been counting the days until her arrival.

Best friends since we were seven years old. We know each other’s many selves, every version since second grade. And when we’re together it’s always, always the same.

My daughter runs to her as if they’ve known each other ten thousand lifetimes. Amidst flying garden dirt and giggling and play dough and yoga poses, my friend and I talk and talk and talk and talk and never stop talking. There is so much to catch up on, and also this is just how it is when we’re together. Our conversation overlaps, crisscrosses, doubles back.

Being together restores me to myself. Instant happiness. Because she is a light so bright, so bright.

We stayed up talking until 11pm. When she kissed her niece goodnight she said, “Every day is going to be the best day ever!”

And she’s right. Every day while she’s here is the best day ever.

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