Lobster Bake

This week feels like a vacation. Going with the flow. Living inside each moment. Savoring the sweetness of summer with my best friend and her family. Lobsters, clams, steamers, and beer. Blueberries and vanilla ice cream. Warm, sticky air. My daughter’s sweaty hair and happy laughter. My friend teaching the little ones new games. The ease and comfort. The wish it could be this way all year round.

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3 thoughts on “Lobster Bake”

  1. I’m trying to figure out why the photos don’t show up on the post (only on the home page). Or maybe that’s how you want it? They are wonderful, too. Instead the ad shows when you actually click to the page.

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    1. Thank you for this feedback! (I can’t see the ads, so I forget that they appear.) I will be more mindful about placing the photo within the post as well as on the homepage.


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