Because I didn’t finish the long post I began this morning. Because I let the summer day take me where it wished. To the water. Big waves churning and breaking. My little girl running straight in. I chased her down the sandy shore and twirled her in the air. While her dad took pictures of birds and pictures of us. Eventually we drifted up from the beach and found ourselves at dinner at my dad and stepmom’s. Swirls of conversation while she ran joyfully in the grass. I’ve kept away from the news. I’ve blanketed us in the humid air. We look up at the egret gliding toward Charles Island. The curved neck and long feet, white wings stretched soundless with intention.

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1 thought on “Egret”

  1. So lovely Sarah. I remember trips out to Charles Island as a child. I can’t get over the way you are immersed in summer in twirling in wandering in finding yourself places and also can’t get over the way you’re so tied to place, layers and layers of your history, right where you live. So amazing. I sometimes find those long posts that won’t-get-posted pull something necessary out of us in the in-between time where we are half-trying to write/fight and half allowing it to be abandoned. Abandoning ourselves to the day.

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