Pepper Picking

Yesterday we harvested the first pepper from our first garden in our new home. Isabella plucked the pepper from the stalk and bit into it like an apple, then offered me a bite. It was mild and crisp and warm from sunshine, an altogether different taste than a store-bought pepper. We even ate the small stem and soft, white seeds.

(Post 175 of 365)


2 thoughts on “Pepper Picking”

  1. Lovely. I am so enjoying these harvests, too. There is something about the daily-ness of the garden like the daily-ness of writing. How much more you get out of it when you slow down and sink into it. I will miss the garden (and your posts) during our upcoming off-the-grid week from Seattle to Alaska and back by boat.

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    1. I will miss you, too! What an exciting summer trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. I can’t wait to hear all about it. And hopefully, when you return, you’ll come visit us at the beach!


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