If the Season We Could Keep


7:00 a.m. The yellow slicker makes its reappearance. Blowing bubbles in the summer rain. She sings, Rain, rain go away, have again another day! She asks me to come out and splash in the puddles.

I would like to live inside this summer forever. To keep the sun and warm rain, to keep her small.

She is a toddler now. Knows joy the way I know shame. Closely; as if kin. Lake water that splashes against a wall and into her face is the ultimate in the earth’s gifts. She wears no shirt and no shoes and is slathered in the white porcelain shell of sunblock. The deadly rays, the vitalizing rays; we relish in them both. At the same time. She never wants to go home. She puts an arm around me as if she is my grandmother and says “Oh, honey.” As if she is telling me: oh honey, there is so much great stuff ahead. Just you wait; I know these things.

-Jennifer Fliss,  Milwaukee. Rust. A  Baby.

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7 thoughts on “If the Season We Could Keep”

  1. I so wish we could keep it too. Have to check out The Rumpus also. She is so sweet your daughter and you two are always reminding me to stop and enjoy these things I might otherwise rush over. (I don’t think it’s a legitimate complaint but I’ll say anyway that one thing I do find about apartment life is that you can’t have the easy outdoor access in the same way. Before getting out to find wonder in the trees and rain you have to go through all the steps of getting dressed and ready, bringing water, etc. and it’s during that stretch that so much frustration seems to build!)

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    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! At this time last year we were still in our second floor apartment, in the midst of packing, boxes everywhere. We had a small patch of backyard, not much space to run around. We often walked to the playground or just took walks around the neighborhood. It feels so different now with our rambling backyard, the cats running free, the garden, the deer and groundhogs and rabbits. It’s another reason I’m relishing the season and want it to last.


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