Endless Photos

Something I’ve let slide: organizing photos of my daughter (and photos in general over the last five years or so) and getting them into albums and frames. It seems that the easier it is to take a photo (or five hundred), the more they pile up, the more daunting it becomes to sort through them all. We also have a sluggish desktop computer that makes the process exceptionally slow. I think this is one of those projects that’s just a matter of 1.) carving out time and 2.) sitting down to do it. I also know that perfection is the enemy of done, and that’s definitely part of my problem.

I’m wondering if any of you have strategies. Is this something people tackle seasonally, annually? Are there favorite apps or websites you use? Do you have a brilliant system for cataloguing the photos on your computer? I would love any tips, hints, advice.

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6 thoughts on “Endless Photos”

  1. I download the day I take them. Automatically save by date. Every December I make a photo calendar as a Christmas gift to Keith with the favorite photos month by month of the previous year.

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  2. Wow that is crazy organized (khtyson). Impressive. I’m terrible w/ all unsorted…many on phones I can’t access anymore. I TOTALLY agree that the digital surplus translates to far fewer organized ways of viewing the photos than in the past. Sitting down and doing is a good approach. I actually think cutting down on the # of photos helps to some degree too. I actually much prefer that I have just a few of our recent trip to Alaska. They all mean something. I’ve viewed them again and again. They’re imprinted. They don’t overwhelm me with their vast, distant, impersonal too-muchness.

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    1. How wonderful that your photos from Alaska are few and meaningful!

      I’ve always been into photography and would drag my giant Canon everywhere. All those years waiting to get actual film developed…

      I need to get into editor mode, park my butt at the computer, sort and choose the highlights. I do think it’s a little easier to edit/choose now that I’m a couple years out. When she was a newborn, Chris and I both had the same feeling, we couldn’t bare to delete anything; it felt like sacrilege.

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