The Conjuring

Here on day 200 of this project, it’s feeling like a marathon.

Something I’ve always loved: reading about writing. Craft. How art gets made. There’s a beautiful essay on Catapult today called The Conjuring.

“Lately I’ve begun thinking about how all that changed for me: the moment when writing went from seeming a remote kind of magic to something one created—built—word by word, diligent effort by diligent effort.

“Literature”—the language bits of it—broke open for me and I was able to see, for the first time, in part, how a piece of writing was made, created, constructed, word by word, syllable by rhythmic syllable. It was the moment I saw how, assembled a certain way (or another way, or another) words can yield so much more than the sum of their parts. I’d never thought of writing that way before. How a spell gets made so that the spell can be cast.”

(Post 200 of 365)


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