Family Reunion

Hot, sticky August. A family reunion on my mom’s side, up north on a lake lined with pines, rocky outcroppings with rope swings. My mother’s people are genuine and kind. It’s all easy conversation and laughter.

Today everyone was in the water, splashing, playing games, paddle boarding, jumping off the dock. I swam with my little fish, and then swam way out by myself, and then again with my cousin Grace. Later we went out on the boat. Early evening sun beating low and strong. Music playing. Wind whipping our hair. My beautiful sisters sitting across from me. Pure happiness. We jumped off the boat into the deep water. I was in heaven.

And now I’m dead tired in that wonderful waterlogged way. My favorite day of summer so far.

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2 thoughts on “Family Reunion”

  1. Love this. We just returned from our waterlogged, swimming far out alone, then rejoining the group, lake days. This is really lovely. It’s incredible how positive you are about everything.

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    1. Yes, it sounds like this was a micro-version of your time in the Poconos. I was so excited to swim in the lake and possibly go for a boat ride, I felt like a kid. And then the day surpassed my expectations. I just love being out on a boat.


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