The Migraine Chronicles

The migraine chronicles. Third consecutive day they’ve struck in the afternoon. It makes it difficult to think clearly, get sentences on the page. I wish I could get to the bottom of what’s caused this series. 

(Post 213 of 365)


4 thoughts on “The Migraine Chronicles”

  1. terrible. I know you probably know all this already, but…are you drinking lots and lots of water pre-emptively (not so much to drown yourself, but enough before you even get out into the heat)? do you take iron? when you *first* feel a slight headache, does it help you to take a couple advil rather than wait until it develops? (again, sorry if this is all repeat and you’re already doing all this)

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    1. I really appreciated these reminders. I did drink a lot of water and took advil preemptively. It was a particularly brutal series. I take a multi-vit with iron, but I don’t take an additional iron supplement and now I’m wondering if I should. Do you take iron?


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