A friend’s post has me dreaming of dollhouses. Tonight my daughter and her friend played with a wonderfully tall dollhouse. I loved this form of play as a child, and it’s magical to see my daughter enjoying it too. We’re thinking ahead to Christmas, trying to decide which one to get for her. The wooden Waldorf style are my favorites, like the ones at Elves and Angels. 

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2 thoughts on “Dollhouse”

  1. I remember my parents couldn’t afford the Barbie dream house, but exceeded all our expectations when they made ours. They painted it blue like our house. Mom made the curtains, used carpet and linoleum remnants, and even shingled the roof. Maybe you should talk to my Dad 😉

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    1. Yes! I vividly remember the year my mom and dad built our dollhouse and surprised us at Christmas. My mom still has it, and Isabella and the other kids play with it. The best part of it being handmade, besides just being generally awesome, is that is has some of the original carpet and wallpaper from our real house, so it’s a trip back in time. It would be pretty neat to have a replica of our Craftsman made for Isabella. 🙂


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