Breathing Under Water


Good morning friends! My new essay Breathing Under Water is up on the Brain, Child blog today. I hope you’ll give it a read when you have a chance. My heartfelt thanks for all your support!

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4 thoughts on “Breathing Under Water”

  1. You have described it all so very perfectly. I am struggling to find words other than “yes, yes, yes!” But I think that will have to do. Yes. This especially: “I felt submerged, and sometimes longed to come up for air. Whole weeks would pass without having glanced in a mirror. It was as if I were disappearing. Until I began to learn to breathe underwater. My identity became fluid, our connection borderless. Every time I looked for me, I found us.”

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  2. Reposting my comment from Brain, Child here.

    Love it. Gasp in my throat. Tears in my eyes. Beautifully written essay with lines I need to copy down in my journal and remember about those fragile, murky days. I so relate to the fear of the hex…God I have so often felt that too. I remember in the first newborn days having this terrible fear of throwing out a photo of Wally (one that wasn’t good and I didn’t need). That it would set into motion some terrible event. I know you talked about not being able to throw out any newborn photos, too, although maybe not in a superstitious way but more closely related to their sacred quality. I think you so perfectly capture the push and pull of the early years and the way they change so rapidly but along a complex vector. They were so fragile, but safely strapped to us. Now they are sturdy and strong, but so quick to elude our grasp.

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