I have this little dream that we’re going to find a rescue pup that resembles Benji. (This dream is not shared by other members of the household.)

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3 thoughts on “Benji”

  1. This is so completely totally bizarre. So about 4 hours ago Wally and I were talking about the fact that my nieces (his cousins) have seen EVERY SINGLE KIDS movie. We were trying to think of something, anything, appropriate for kids that they hadn’t seen. We compiled a rag-tag list and at the end there was this movie about a little lost dog on the tip of my tongue that I haven’t thought about in years and years. I remembered that the beginning sequence really scared us. I’m almost 100% now it was Benji. How crazy you would post this tonight.

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    1. Oh I just love this bizarre synchronicity! What are the odds? And I think you’re right, Benji had sort of a scary beginning. I was thinking I’d even love to name a dog Benji, but that would be silly, so iconic, like Lassie, and then I thought, or maybe not–does anyone even remember Benji? I’m interested your movie list and it had me thinking of titles… Are there oldies on there like the original Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?


  2. Great ideas! The original Mary Poppins is the perfect suggestion – they watched it during a rainy Poconos afternoon. CCBB I don’t even know that one? Thanks -will look into. The bizarre synchronicity – it’s really so odd!!!!

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