This was Monday. This is what is looks like when I let the day go (or at least a few hours of it anyway).

September was rush-rush-rush. I would set up an activity for my daughter in order to buy myself time to accomplish tasks. It felt like I was on a constant mission to steal time, and there was never enough of it.

On Monday afternoon, I sat down and painted with her. We chatted about colors and shapes, and she painted uncooked noodles and flooded the table with water. “Don’t eat the noodle, mama, only pretend, see?”

I am always trying to get it right, to find balance. I think part of what’s missing is my sense of humor. When my mind is off in different directions and I’m absent from the present moment, I forget to just be silly. There is always the option to make a funny face, sing a strange song, dance around the kitchen, gallop like a horse from room to room, wear your underpants on your head. Sometimes I think silliness might be the key to everything.

Last night I stumbled on an adult kangaroo costume at Target, an outfit that guarantees silliness. I didn’t even think about it, I just ordered it. We’ll be matching kangaroos for Halloween. She’s elated. So am I.

(Post 260 of 365)


3 thoughts on “Silly”

  1. I so agree about silliness being the key to everything. So many days, I can switch the moment from tense to wonderful just with a silly song or dance or face. It’s crazy that even knowing that, I forget so many times, and get stuck in seriousness and frustration. Kangaroos!

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    1. Thank you for this, Rachel! It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who gets stuck in seriousness. Maybe I need to stick some silly post-it reminders around the house and in my car. 🙂


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