Only 100 days left of this project! The countdown is on.

I ended up watching the debate last night. It exhausted the heck out of me. Good thing Hillary’s made of steel. November 8th can’t get here soon enough.

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6 thoughts on “Countdown”

    1. Thank you, Cynthia!! I can almost see the finish line!

      How are things in your world? Did you end up reworking the beginning of your novel?

      Thank you for stopping by! It made my day! 🙂


      1. About the beginning… I thought big and I thought small. I tried loping off the beginning. Then I tried speeding things up by doing away with chapter breaks and cutting back. And I THINK I have it. Heading to Provincetown for a writing week to hopefully read one last time and bring this baby to a close. Thanks for asking!

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        1. I love hearing about your process. So much to think about and work through. How exciting that you’re bringing it to a close! Congrats!! And enjoy your time in Provincetown! I can hear the crashing waves and a champagne cork pop…


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