I think my baby has finally weaned. It hurts a little to write that, but I’m mostly okay with it. She only asked four times today. We may nurse again, we may not. It’s a slow letting go.

One of the things I love best about mothering is the way it hones instinct. Our natural response, that innate sense, is so often disrupted by the noise of modern life; being in tune with my child connects me to the truest part of myself, that deep knowing.

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4 thoughts on “Almost”

  1. It’s one of those processes which means they are growing up, it still makes me sad that my little girl no longer cuddles up on my lap with a dummy to sleep and she’s nearly 7! It’s all part of that 18 year process of letting go, I can see why people often have another as soon as their baby no longer needs as much from them!

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  2. Wincing here too. (Although P weaned at just after 1, or I should say, I forced it. I remember going away for a weekend, maybe I told you this, and saying – that is it – when I get back, no more. But I came back from the overnight and – she latched back on. Painful! (Emotionally.) I had already gone through part of the sadness of it, then had to rip the bandaid off again. But in a way, the rehearsal did help. It is a process like thenewmrsm says. And like you say, a slow letting go.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that with me, Rachel. I realize I’ve been processing this for months really, and we are in that final phase. She asked this morning and I almost gave in… but she was able to move on without tears… so this may be it.


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