The Sunny Side

Happy Friday, folks!

Have I mentioned this week has been wonderful? Jam-packed with birthdays and busyness. A well visit for my girl that went very well. We were smiling so much as we chatted with our gentle pediatrician, she said in her lovely Russian accent, “So, it looks like she is very easy to parent.” Afterward we stopped at Trader Joe’s, one of our favorite places. My daughter was in the cart and an elderly woman played peek-a-boo with her and then bent to kiss her bare foot.

Mid-week, when I was a little stressed trying to juggle things, I texted my sister. Really I was trying problem-solve, but my tone was one of complaint. I recognized it immediately, and typed back, “Wait. Let me try that again. Today is a beautiful, sunny day. I feel great and I’m so lucky I have free time to get all this stuff done! And I’m so excited to celebrate birthdays this week!”

When I’m trying to solve a problem or accomplish a task, my vision tends to become myopic. An unhelpful hyper-focus, an emotional one. This week I tried to pull back the lens whenever I felt overwhelmed. What else does this day, this week hold? Sunshine, hugs, apple cider donuts, birthdays, time with friends, my daughter’s first try at gymnastics, kind and thoughtful messages about my last essay. For every to-do list, there should be another that runs alongside it, a list of all the good stuff.

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1 thought on “The Sunny Side”

  1. yes yes yes! love it! that “re-frame” is soooo helpful. haven’t read essay yet b/c I want to do it with a clear mind…not things beating down on me…I have to read it when I can slow down and fully take it in…

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