We Are All More Than One Thing

Just finished watching Hamilton’s America on PBS. To think Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up that hefty Hamilton biography on vacation and hip hop songs started rising off the page. That crackle of inspiration. 

I loved seeing Alexander Hamilton’s portable writing desk, the small, textured pieces of paper and the fountain pen. He wrote everywhere. Indoors, under trees, on horseback, in carriages. Cumbersome tools and uncomfortable environments, and yet he was so prolific. I imagine him in that flow state, when you forget everything else around you and the writing pours. 

Toward the end of the documentary, there’s discussion around the flaws of the founding fathers; they did great things, they did abhorrent things. There are no pure villains, nor pure heroes. As Leslie Odom, Jr. says, “I think our show is doing a really good job of reminding us that we are all more than one thing.”

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