New Essay Up

A few weeks back I wondered if silliness might be the answer to everything. More on that in my newest essay over at Brain, Child Magazine today, where I can be seen in full kangaroo costume.

I get pretty nervous when these essays go live. I wonder if they’ll be well-received, whether they’ll resonate, whether I’ve found an important enough truth. I go back and forth between focusing on the positive and digging into the difficult stuff. Thank you, my dear readers, for all your support, your kind words, the time you take to read and respond. Really, I am so grateful.

It’s sunny and chilly here in the Northeast, yet the leaves on our maple are still green. I’m hoping the foliage will continue into November. Anyone dressing up for Halloween?

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4 thoughts on “New Essay Up”

  1. I never think of silliness when it comes to my parenting bag of tricks, which is kind of strange considering I’m surrounded by silliness all day every day! You are so right that it brings us back into the present. Mindfulness and breathing through the hard stuff all seems so serious; this is a wonderful way to reframe it and lighten it up. I’m going to keep this in mind and try to be silly more often!

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  2. Great essay, and I love the picture of you both in your costumes! Yes we are all guilty of that mind numbing scroll through social media just to zone out of the craziest busy day but I totally agree that when setting out an activity for your kids your phone is best left out of the room, unless it’s for taking pictures of the fun with! ☺ this afternoon we spent snuggled on the sofa working through a Princess sticker book and it was easily one of the best afternoons we have had in ages! It’s not always about what you do just that you are actually there when you are doing it. These times go too fast to be mad for long and I think that’s so important to remember.

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