BinderCon (Day 2)

Another spectacular, Spring-like day in NYC. More workshops and panels. I’m on a bit of info-overload, feeling spent but inspired on the train home, rain tapping against the windows, excited to see my sweet girl after two full days away.

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2 thoughts on “BinderCon (Day 2)”

  1. I have felt that mix too after conferences – inspired, awakened, full of notes and possibilities, but also a bit overwhelmed (and sometimes wondering if I really need more input or just more time spent processing what I have already gathered). Curious to hear more. Yesterday was crazy spring-like. Glad it’s back to fall today.

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    1. Glad to hear you’ve had similar feelings after conferences! It’s a ton of info to process, and I still have to go through my notes. (I also have lots of photos on my phone of Power Point slides that I need to covert to notes.) A couple of the workshops were right in my wheelhouse. There were others I would’ve traded for panel discussions in hindsight. When I go back to my notes I’m going to focus on the workshops that really spoke to me.

      I’m glad to have the fall weather back too!


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