Navigational Fatigue

This morning I need to write a casual bio/intro for the Flash Nano group I joined, and I found myself writing, I am a time thief, scurrying around with my notebook and laptop. I’m a slow writer, always trying to pick up my pace. My published nonfiction essays have to be produced and polished fairly quickly. Lately I find myself bumping up against the border of what I can’t write about, wanting to dig into deeper truths but mindful not to overshare. I’m experiencing a bit of navigational fatigue in that realm.

Navigational fatigue. I’m feeling it big time. (Sidenote: Halloween candy does not cure this form of fatigue. However, it may at least get me through this blog post.) I suppose this is a common problem for nonfiction writers. Is anyone else out there bumping against that border lately?

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3 thoughts on “Navigational Fatigue”

  1. Totally! I over-share in some ways, I’m sure, yet there are still many areas I steer way clear away from (in fact I just wrote and deleted a few venting graphs on my own blog). Navigational fatigue – yes – totally. Sometimes I wish I were a bit more open; a bit more devil-may-care.

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    1. One of the exercises in the essay writing workshop from BinderCon involved list-making: What do you love? What do you hate? What will you never write about? And so on. We must be fearless and vulnerable as we plunge into first drafts, but there are all these boundaries to consider. As you say, it’s about knowing which paragraphs to delete. I, too, wish I could be a bit more “devil-may-care.”


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