img_8429It was the happiest Halloween. Kiddo loved her kangaroo costume, and we all dressed up. It’s the first year we’ve gone trick-or-treating, the first year she’s really been aware of all the details. Friends came to our neighborhood, and we joined our neighbors and more friends and made our way in a big group to each house under a clear and starry sky, the air crisp but not too cold. Some homes had spooky decorations. My little ‘roo hopped right up to a skeletal witch with glowing red eyes and a sinister voice, she touched the dismembered hand in a front yard graveyard, high-fived the tall man with the Day of the Dead mask. Curious. Fearless. She’s at an age I wish I could keep, if not forever, then at least a long stretch. Innocent but keenly perceptive, relishing all the tiny joys.

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