Election Countdown


My election jitters are getting the best of me. I can’t seem to disengage from social media. But here’s the thing, my social media feed completely changed a few days ago when a writer friend, who I haven’t seen in years, added me to a secret Facebook group for Hillary supporters. Every since, my newsfeed has been deluged with beautiful stories, awash in positivity. The range is astonishing, from military men and women to Bernie supporters to lifelong Republicans–all voting for Hillary Clinton. The group was 200K strong when I joined just a few days ago. Today it’s over a million! It turns out Hillary’s camp is very quiet, afraid to speak out because their voices have been met with vitriol. Many people posting in the group have had their HRC lawn signs destroyed. But vandalism isn’t stopping these supporters. One family recreated their sign with sidewalks chalk. Another woman painted her garage door. An elderly man mailed in his ballot just days before dying of cancer. People are canvassing and calling. People are using the name “Hillary” at Starbucks, so that “Hillary” is being said aloud as much as possible. There are hundreds, thousands of “likes” on these stories. A space of kindness and sharing and hope. It has completely restored my faith in humanity and in the election.

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2 thoughts on “Election Countdown”

  1. Wow! It’s hard to believe there is such negativity surrounding a vote for Hillary. I sometimes wonder: if not for the email scandal and her history with Bill, would people feel differently, or would folks still be searching her past for anything and everything to discredit her simply because she’s a woman? It’s astonishing, given who she’s running against, that people are so determined to paint her as the worse candidate. I’m so happy you’ve found some positivity and resistance in your news feed!

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