Daylight Savings

Happy Daylight Savings! We now wake at pitch black 3:30 a.m. Praise be to coffee, Cheerios, and cartoons, the divine trinity that gets me through the early hour.

The sky is turning nursery colors, pale pink and ice blue. I’m watching the cat chase yellow maple leafs as they drift down, and I’m pondering my living room, the half-finished picture collage on our big blank wall. Next weekend my old college friends and their families are coming for a visit. For me, this is the ultimate motivation to complete a house project–visitors.

It finally occurred to me to relocate the barrister bookcase from its awkward spot next to the fireplace. I replaced it with an end table and a lamp, and suddenly the whole room feels different. It always surprises me when one piece of furniture changes everything. Why did I keep the bookcase there for so long? It makes me wonder what else I should shift around in my life. Little things sometimes make a big difference.

I’m barely hanging on to Flash Nano. I began yesterday’s prompt, but only got halfway through it. I realized it was causing me some anxiety, the not-finishing. I had to consciously release it, give myself permission to let it go. There are limits to what I can accomplish with a two-year-old in tow, and being a present parent also ranks top on my priority list. My daily flash writing may go unfinished. And it’s okay. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Why is it so challenging to be kind to myself?

A reminder: be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the extra hour. Leave a few loose ends. Watch the leaves fall. Be present with the people you love.

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1 thought on “Daylight Savings”

  1. Oh my, 3:30 is early! We’ve been up at 4:30 the last two mornings. It sure makes for a long day! I’m the same as you: I find it so challenging to be kind to myself. Lately I’ve been reminding myself to speak to myself as I would speak to my sister or my best friend. Having two daily writing commitments is tough with a wee one. I’m glad you’re able to let go and be easy on yourself.

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