O Happy Day


The sun shone brightly on the golden foliage this election morning as I drove to my meet my mother at her polling station. We paused to take this picture, four generations, marking the first time in United States history we’ve been able to vote for a woman. We brought pictures of my grandmother, a portrait and a photo of her wearing a pantsuit. She was a woman who never rested, never stopped, and yet she exuded calm. Her spirit was there with us.

I wondered if I would cry today, but I did not. I felt a pure, soaring happiness. I smiled from ear to ear.

My social media feeds have been flooded with positive posts and stories, and not just from that secret Facebook group, but in general. It’s mesmerizing really, all these voices, all these stories. It turns out there’s been a silent majority counting the days, quietly waiting. Today is unrestrained joy.

(Post 293 of 365)




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