Saying Goodbye

Last night we learned my husband’s grandmother was very sick and might not make it through the night. While we waited for news today, I took my daughter to gymnastics and then the grocery store, and that’s where we were when I got his call that there was still time to say goodbye and we needed to leave right away, and so I abandoned the half-full cart in the produce aisle, scooped up my daughter, and ran through the rain to the car.

It took a little over three hours in the torrential downpour to get to the hospital. We gathered with other family members at his grandmother’s bedside. I drifted in and out of the room, offering presence and giving space. His grandfather said, “She has one foot in heaven.” But when my husband held her hand and sang a childhood song, her eyelids fluttered and the corners of her mouth drew up just a little.

Tonight we feel very grateful we were able to say goodbye.

(Post 300 of 365)


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